Thanks Lucidity

Lucidity Crossroads

We are really looking forward to seeing you all at Lucid University on Sunday the 10th at 11:15am for “Breaking the Chains of Servitude”  Notes will be on our resources page.

Here is a link to the course description on Lucidity’s Page:

Thanks GLC

It was a pleasure and honor to be able to present a course at Burningman’s Global Leadership Conference this year. We have included the notes on our resources page and will hopefully have some video to share as well:) 2016 Speaker Badgeadership-conference-san-francisco-ca/

Financial Liberation Panel at Lucidity Festival

LucidityOne of our Founders, Dean Koci, will be sitting on the Financial Liberation Panel at Lucidity Festival in a couple of weeks. If you are there please come show your support and enjoy the wonderful knowledge base of speakers that will be there.

Great Seminar at Burning Man

Hello “Extended Playa”,

Dean Koci, our main educator, gave a wonderful talk on Friday at Burning Man. A huge thank you goes out to, one of the key speaker venues on Esplanade for hosting. Despite overlapping times with one of the festival’s most highly attended parades; there were well over 60 in attendance. The amount of feedback, stories, and dreams were overwhelming. In an effort to keep the momentum we will be opening up the website to the public in order to create a blog and collaboration area for those wishing to start business and/or live gift economies 24/7.

If there are any tech savvy people that would like to help in this area in exchange for equity please let us know. Until then we will keep empowering the site as much as possible.

Free Seminars at the Digital Ren Faire

We will be offering our most popular seminars for free at in Pioneer California 5/23-5/27/13. Please sign up using our code FLIDRF.


FLI Is Now A Proud Partner Of PCCN


The Perma-Culture Community Network is an organization focused on creating non-monetary based communities through permaculture education and bringing them into an organizational structure. The communities within the network will provide the excesses they have to other communities within the network. The goal of the PCCN is to have thousands of people living in symbiosis within these communities all over the country and eventually the world.

The PCCN is dedicated to bringing like-minded people, festivals and properties together to foster a world-wide community network that strives to create a non-monetary based culture. Access to this network includes discounts to partnered events, products, services as well as an opportunity for artists of all kinds (visual, performance, and educators in the field)to come together at these events to offer their skills. We are organizing our network in an attempt to create community from these already existing forward- thinking people, festivals and properties. Inspired by The Ten Principals of Burning Many, the PCCN INTENTIONS embody the spirit we seek to foster in its members.

FLI Is Looking For Partners

FLI is currently looking for partners wishing to invest time or money to support this new economic paradigm based off of abundance through cooperation- rather than profit through artificial and impersonal scarcity. If you are interested in becoming an equal partner please contact us with what you can contribute and your contact area.


Welcome to the Financial Liberation Institute! The Financial Liberation Institute is dedicated to empowering individuals around the world who wish to improve their quality of life without harming the environment or others. Through individual education and supporting cooperation F.L.I. strives to create a global economic system that fairly distributes its yield and is free from exploitation. Individuals and local economies learn how to become self sufficient and then with their abundance of resources collaborate synergistically to create a better quality of life for each other and future generations. F.L.I.’s main purpose is to be a voice for those who are being subjugated economically, to create awareness for those who are living unconsciously, and to give equal access to opportunity and education for all.